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Here's an exciting new idea for all you folk art enthusiasts. Find examples of folk art on the landscape. There are several examples of outdoor folk pieces pretty much everywhere you go. Some of the greatest folk artists were foremost yard artists. Quebec's Edmund Chatigny and Alcide St. Geermain come to mind. There was also Sid Howard in Nova Scotia. For that matter, I would suggest that a great percentage of folk artists eventually exhibit pieces outdoors. This is sometimes because it is a natural instinct to decorate their exterior space; other times it's because the artist wanted to work on such a large scale that they didn't have the room inside. Ultimately, the drive to place artwork outdoors is to communicate with others. "Perhaps if I put a giant chicken on my front yard, someone will stop and ask me about it". That sort of thing. Whatever the reason, some of the best and most creative pieces exist outdoors. Canada is home to many oversized and unusual roadside attractions. If you encounter any unusual display (international submissions are also welcome), send a photo to us with the location and your thoughts*. When we have enough submissions we will post an online exhibit to share with everyone.

Here's a picture I took to get us started:


I noticed this fellow driving down hwy #6, just north of Hagersville Ontario, near my home. I guess when the farmer wrapped all those round bails and set them end to end, he/she realized how close he/she was to making a caterpillar. It is by far not the greatest piece that ever existed, but it is a lot of fun, and represents the spirit of unusual yard or folk art. I guess we could also call it "casual" or "temporary" folk art. Whatever you want to call it, let's get out there and document these folk art sightings!

- "Folk Art" Phil

* You can submit your photographs either by posting under the topic "Outdoor Folk Art" on the forum, or by emailing them directly to Cassandra. By sending us your photographs you also give us permission to exhibit the photos online and in print. Any comments or information you want to add about the photograph is definitely welcome. This call for submissions is ongoing and open to all until further notice.

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