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Paul McFadden

Paul McFadden

Visit Paul's Old Red Truck & Picatsso Cat Prints websites for more examples of his work.

Paul McFadden was born in Moncton New Brunswick in 1951. The son of a poor fisher family, his 13th birthday marked a turning point in Paul’s life, as from then on his summers would be spent working on the deck of his dad’s fishing boat.

It seemed Paul’s vocation was chosen for him. Like his father and grandfather before him, he would become a fisherman. He quit school at 15, bought his own gear and fished for some 20 years, till the early 80’s when fish were scarce and prices low. The next ten years Paul worked odd jobs, eventually returning to the sea as deck hand with Marine Atlantic until he was injured in 1988. While recovering from his injury, he bought some paint and brushes in a yard sale and turned to art. He began painting wildlife but soon realized his heart was not there and he eventually began to paint from memories of his childhood and many years as a fisherman. The next year he had a yard sale, put a few paintings out and someone came along and bought one for $10.00. The buyer told Paul “this is folk art.”

In the past 18 years Paul’s art has been in many shows including “Welcome to Our World: Contemporary Canadian Folk Art”, at the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg, Ontario. In 2006 Paul was voted president of the newly formed New Brunswick Folk Art Society. The society’s mandate is to promote Folk Art and Folk Artists within the Province of New Brunswick.

Paul presently lives in Pointe Du Chene, New Brunswick where each summer he sets his art up by the roadside and welcomes visitors who stop by.

McFadden #1 McFadden #2 McFadden #3 McFadden #4