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Jeremy Hayes
Jeremy Hayes

Jeremy Hayes (1949 - )

Jeremy Hayes was born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1949. After living most of his life in Burlington, he now resides in Port Dover, Ontario. His work has been in many private collections in Canada, the United States and France. Jeremy has participated in numerous Burlington Studio tours, and done large commissioned works. Since 1997, Jeremy's folk art has been in galleries, fundraising auctions, and juried exhibitions throughout South Western Ontario.

Jeremy's folk art consists mostly of found objects and materials, mixed with carved and painted pieces. Also interesting to note is that he sometimes signs his names in various ways relating to the piece. For instance, a carving of the "moon man" is signed "Jeremy Lune Hayes".

Artist's Statement:

I started making pieces in 1997. I had seen some folky eel looking carvings that a friend had bought on a visit out east. I said the usual: "I can do that!" and was challenged to do so. As of December 2007, I have made around 300 pieces.

My father was a house painter. I worked many summers with him when I was young. I believe this aided my knowledge of colour and how paints work.

I work in the tradition of self taught artists. I am inspired by the memory of a hand rail on a dock on Jack's Lake. Someone had used a piece of cedar driftwood, added two bottle caps for eyes, and paint, and fashioned a hand rail. The years of exposure to the elements and many hands had removed most of the paint and left the surface smoothly polished - a simple beautiful object.

A majority of my work is made from found materials. I usually can see what I can make out of a piece of wood or metal although the end result is not always quite like the vision.

My work reflects my lifelong observation and love of nature combined with an appreciation of legends, myths, art and history.

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