About Me

about folkartcanada - About MeHello, dear reader. My name is David Slater and Folk Art Canada is my blog. I am a Residential electrician and a hockey player, though the latter is only a hobby of mine. Since I am the youngest of five brothers, sports in my home were a big deal, with everybody following the NHL and the CFL closely and even playing friendly family matches.

You see, each of my brothers has a favourite sports league that they follow like hawks but being the youngest means, I got to learn from everybody and have a team in each league.

We oftentimes sit together and just spend hours discussing teams and athletes’ performance, leagues’ decisions, and whether our favourites are the toughest. I joke about the fact that we can write books on every sports league in Canada, if we put our heads together, with statistics and everything.

One of those times we turned to the net to fact-check our statements and get some numbers to back them up when we came across a blog that we didn’t agree with. My oldest brother told me I should create my own blog because anything would be better and more accurate than what we had just read.

I have to say at first, I just laughed and thought my brother just tried to be funny to defuse the tension, but the idea stuck to my mind and just wouldn’t let go. Finally, on a Friday night when I had nothing to do, I decided to give the blog creation a serious thought. I wanted to make it about a single sports league, although I couldn’t choose which.

I gave up on trying to choose and decided that I would include all of them, after all, I had extensive knowledge and the best advisors in the country. We follow the NHL, the CFL, and the NBA particularly closely, but I am also a huge fan of curling and other Canadian sports.

And thus, Folk Art Canada was born as my own little corner where I could share my passion for all these sports and my opinions about the leagues, the athletes, and the teams.