Basketball – Improving Your Game 101

Playing basketball is as much about skill as it is about being fit and developing endurance, it is about knowing how to train, where, when, and getting advice from the best. If you are looking to improve your game, here I bring you a beginner’s guide with advice that even the top NBA players have found to be helpful in their high demand games.

Improving your Passing

Basketball Improving Your Game 101 1 - Basketball - Improving Your Game 101

To improve your passing skills, you need to get good at anticipating the movements and placements of everybody in court. You can also do some drills in the batter’s box, where you try to throw a strikeout, to perfect your hand-eye coordination, and try some Pilates to avoid losing strength.

Increasing your Stamina

Basketball Improving Your Game 101 2 - Basketball - Improving Your Game 101

One of the best ways to increase your stamina is simply running, but you can do any type of workout routine that pushes your body. Get used to pushing through the pain, keep going, and doing it all consistently.

Moreover, you will benefit from weight training and training on the court every single day to the maximum of your endurance.

Become a Better Shooter

Basketball Improving Your Game 101 3 - Basketball - Improving Your Game 101

Muscle memory is going to be your best friend here and to develop it, you need only start shooting from the rim about 100 times. As you progress, you just need to get further and further from the rim. Keep in mind you never shoot at the rim but over it.

When it comes to working out, push ups, dips, and pullups to the maximum of your stamina, will do the trick.

Getting Quicker

If you want to increase your speed on the court, the best you can do is take to a sport that isabout speed. A little bit of soccer as a hobby will help you quicken your feet. When you are working out, focus on your legs, never skipping a leg day can take you far, when it comes to speed.

These are some of the most useful tips that can help anybody become a better basketball player and they don’t take much more than determination and consistency. Keep in mind that some of these come from professionals and have been used by guys that have broken records in the NBA.