Top 4 NHL Players of All Time

The NHL has been around since 1917 and there have been several important players showcasing their mad skills on the ice. I have my pick for the top NHL players of all time that I want to share with you.

Howie Morenz — Montreal Canadiens

It is only appropriate that I start my list with this guy, as he was the first superstar of the league, who managed to score 179 in almost 300 games. His skills and speed are given the credit for the NHL making its way to America, thanks to a Bostonian called Charles Adams, who was inspired by Morenz to establish his team.

He played from 1927 to 1930 and managed to win two Stanley Cups and a Hart Trophy. Sadly, he died when he was only 34 and 50,000 people made it to his funeral service.

Top 4 NHL Players of All Time 1 - Top 4 NHL Players of All Time

Charlie Conacher — Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Americans

Referred to as The Big Bomber, he showed the NHL what being a power forward was all about, with his booming shot and a frame that could intimidate anyone. He played 374 games and scored 198 goals.

He and Busher Jackson teamed up in the 1930s to instil fear and respect upon defences of any opponents which earned him a Stanley Cup in 1932.

Doug Bentley — Chicago Blackhawks

This is a player whose skills made him outscore every other player, even if the team he was on wasn’t good enough to get a Stanley Cup. He scored 475 during 455 games and did this by partnering with his brother Max. Both made it to the first and fourth places on the NHL’s ranking for the 40s decade.

Mark Messier — Edmonton Oilers

This is the first player in my list that wasn’t the biggest scorer of his time, but I put him here because he did so much more than just scoring, he played a complete game. Back in the 80s, Messier defended, checked, assisted, and scored with unreal ability, which he partnered up with Gretzky’s equally amazing gameplay.

However, it was only when the latter left his team that Messier got time to shine and even win the Hart Trophy and the Lester Pearson Award. Additionally, he managed to win 5 Stanley Cups within a single decade.

These are my picks for the top NHL players of all time, based on skill and impact within the league’s history. Make sure you let me know if you want a part two to this post.