What is the Grey Cup and Why is It so Important?

The Grey Cup is the biggest event of the CFL and every fan is keen on following the games closely to see who gets to hold the cup and go down in history. I want to tell you a few things you may not know about what the Cup is exactly, and why it is so important to both fans and players.

The Grey Cup itself is a trophy that was first created for hockey and rugby and gets its name because it was donated by His Excellency Earl Grey. Now, he was the Governor-General and had so much in his mind that he forgot to have the cup made with enough time.

What is the Grey Cup and Why is It so Important 1 - What is the Grey Cup and Why is It so Important?

It was only two weeks before the tournament of the University of Toronto that he was reminded of his promise. As a result, he had the trophy made from sterling silver on a wooden base and presented it in March of 1910, three months after the tournament.

The reason why it ended up being a football trophy is that the league was governed by the Canadian Rugby Union. Football teams and other teams at the union could compete for the trophy, but this made deciding a winner more complicated than it ever was.

The celebration of The Grey Cup that we have come to love and take part in only began in 1948 and the first teams to play for it were the Calgary Stampeders and the Ottawa Rough Riders. However, it wasn’t until the early 90s that America entered the CFL with the Sacramento Gold Miners.

The trophy has since been designed and redesigned to meet the needs presented by having to have the teams’ rosters engraved on it. The previous versions, as well as the many rings that are replaced by new ones, are kept at the CFL’s Hall of Fame.

The Grey Cup was never intended to be an award handed out to football players but has come a good long way since then. It has become an entire event that no CFL fan wants to miss and thus it gathers thousands of fans on the stadiums each year. I hope that there will be a 2021 season and to be there to support my team.